Philosophical Questions

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Like the idea about brain function discussed in these pages, some philosophical theories of the ‘enactive mind’ and ‘embodied cognition’ hold, roughly, that perception and cognition are realised by motor processes. See Similar philosophies (including the Discussion page) for some of the discussion of Alva Noë and Kevin O’Regan’s work that led to the thoughts below.

The common ground with these theories, as well as the points of divergence, help us to understand some broadly philosophical challenges for the theory discussed here. Equally, the neurally and computationally specific theory discussed here may shed light on some of the issues that have been discussed in the philosophical literature about enactive theories and the embodied mind. This is very much work in progress, but I [JS] think two lines of enquiry will be important (among others):

Representations in the brain?

Perceiving a world beyond ourselves?