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I will keep writing and, at some point, I hope this will grow into a larger conversation. The Discussion tabs are a good place to add comments. You can also add new pages using double square brackets.

For anyone not familiar with wiki editing, you will need to log in to change any of the pages. You should be able to click on the 'create account' link at the top right of the page then create a username and add a password. If you want to be able to edit pages (which is the point of logging in, after all) you will need to click on a link in an email sent to you (to exclude non-human bots). Then, if you have comments on a page, either edit it directly (look for the 'edit' tab top right) or create a Discussion page attached to that page (preferred, if what you want to do is start a discussion). This is done by clicking on the Discussion tab on the top left. If a Discussion page already exists for this page then you will need to edit it (tab top right). Then press 'save page' at the bottom.

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