Three routes to a universal primal sketch

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Diagram of three routes leading to a universal primal sketch
Three routes to the universal primal sketch: follow links for a discussion of each route
To discuss the representation that might underlie vision in a moving observer, I want to build up the idea of a 'Universal Primal Sketch' (UPS) via three different routes. One of these concerns the neural basis of the representation and includes a description of how this might have evolved (e.g. amoeba, anatomy and evolution). Another describes the representation of a scene that a binocular observer might generate as they look around, moving their head freely (e.g. rotation and translation of the camera (more)). This amounts to a 2.5D sketch of the optic array (or, rather, a set of optic arrays for a small region of optic centres). The third route relates to larger translations of the observer including long range navigation. But I will also look at examples of an individual making a large journey across a sensory+motivational manifold without moving physically at all.