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We submitted a manuscript to Behavioral and Brain Sciences based on the content in these wiki pages and the discussions at the AHRC video meetings and the Oxford (AHRC, 2016) and Cambridge (EPSRC, 2015) meetings:

Glennerster, A and Stazicker, J (2017) Perception and action without 3D coordinate frames. (Preprint)

It was rejected. The vehemence of the comments may be useful if anyone tries to say in future that the ideas were widely accepted at the time or that someone else came up with them first.

Once a version of the article is published we will post a full rebuttal of the comments. Briefly, most of the criticisms fall into the following categories:

  • Grid cells/place cells/head direction cells explain everything
  • Posterior parietal cells (with models by Pouget and others) explain everything
  • 'I can think of tasks that would be hard to do in this way'

These are not difficult attacks to deal with, in one sense, but it looks as if getting a debate going in the literature may take a while.