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The participants at this meeting were Nick Shea, Bence Nanay, Bruce Cumming, Jenny Read, Ingo Bojak, Stuart Golodetz, Doug Saddy, James Stazicker and Andrew Glennerster. One point of clarification concerned the processing that is proposed between an output, $\vec{o}$, and the production of a new $\vec{r}$. Part of this discussion focussed on normalisation in the cortex. The normalisation step proposed here is, essentially, an assumption that the proportion of inputs to the decision stage that are 'on' (firing) remains constant (and equal to the proportion of synapses that are 'on' in each stored context $w(i,*)$). Nick and Bence also asked about how the proposal in the wiki deals with the need for 'egocentric' and 'world-based' representations (relevant reference here).